Shelter and Veterinary Clinic for Street Animals

Animals reproduce at an astounding rate and there are more animals than homes for them. One female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in seven years, and one female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in seven years if they survive. As a result, thousands of unwanted and not healthy cats and dogs are abandoned, neglected. 
There is no infrastructure such as animal shelters, veterinary clinics for companion animals. But there is government based CULL department for killing animals with inhumane way which causes stress or depressions of public. 
Health hazards that causes by overpopulation of animals also calls for humane health hazard. There are numerous of people, mostly poor people who try to help to destitute animals while themselves need help. They are urged taking numerous pets from streets by sharing their room which is unacceptable by putting under risk of own health. 

We were instrumental in Azerbaijan Government ratification of European Convention for the protection of Pets Animals. Now we intent to act on achieving the goals of the Convention.

Our aims are:

1. Set up and operate animal shelter for the stray domestic animals.
2. Build and operate a Veterinary clinic and expand it as a full pledged Hospital. This is a most important first step addressing the issues of Environment, Animal Rights with Humane care as well as Public Health Control.
3. To provide education program to bring about public awareness of caring for animals in a humane way.

Thus the objectives of the clinic will be:
* To provide humane care to the unwanted or abandoned pets; to manage humane control of population and health of biodiversity; 
* Elimination of unwanted, destitute Strays litters of puppies and kittens, by vaccination and sterilization. The current brutal practice of shooting the animals will be discontinued.
* Educate public by Television programs, lectures in the schools and advertisement in local media and instill in them the pet care spirit so that there will be more adoptions of the animals.
* Co operates with Government Departments such as State Veterinary Committee which will arrange to supply Veterinary Drugs and cooperate for establishing the same System in other regions of Azerbaijan. 
* Liaise with Baku Mayor Office to implement capturing of animals for treatment and rehabilitation using the same staffs that are in the department for culling the animals.
* Work with the Ministry of Education who’s State Center for Ecological Education could provide suitable training.
* Enroll State Mass Media for designing and transmitting programs to improve the Public awareness of humane treatment to animals.
* Also keep in touch with WSPA and RSPCA exchanging information on any unforeseen situations to support the project functions and activity.

As financial support we apply project proposal for attention of many sources also campaigns for fund raising with the public. We also cooperate with State Veterinary Department for vaccination and medication support. For veterinaries. that planned to work with in the shelter clinic we are contact with abroad similar structures also world veterinary societies to get supports of specialists. 

We request you to kindly consider our appeal and contribute your might, to our Project.